Get detailed instructions on how to install and use Bulletin

Basic Features

In this area we will explain the basic, free, features of Bulletin and how to use them


Add a separate desktop + mobile message and use markdown and emoji’s to spice things up

Adding messages is quite straightforward. You can set an optional mobile message, usually shorter for better UX. Then you can use certain markdown tags (as shown above in screenshot of the help tooltip), such as making text bold, italic, code and adding simple links. For links to open in new tabs, you can use HTML as shown in the tooltip. Also you can add emoji’s using tags explained on this page:


Pick a background and font color.

Display type

Header banner

This shows a announcement banner at the top of your website. Note: if you have a fixed navigation or header, you will need to need to toggle the switch “Fixed header” in the Settings menu to “yes”. Then you’ll need to fill in your header selector. Please determine this by going into the Chrome Inspector and selecting the header. See below screenshot.

Use chrome inspector to determine the class name of your fixed header, then paste this value into the header selector field.

Floating at bottom

This shows an element that floats at the bottom of your screen. Used best for sale banners and other temporary notifications

Sticky footer

This display type covers a full width area in the bottom of the users’ browser window. Best used in conjuction with a countdown

Content max-width

This setting determines the max-width of the content within the bulletin. This setting is handy for if you want to align your message to the container of your website. Note: for both the header banner and sticky footer this aligns the content within the banner, however for the floating at bottom this aligns the entire bulletin, including its background.

Text alignment & Font size

These settings are quite straightforward and control the alignment of your text within the bulletin and how large the font-size is going to be.

Add a slick announcement banner like this to your WordPress site - Get Bulletin! 🚀

Add a slick announcement banner like this to your WordPress site - Get Bulletin! 🚀

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